Gilda has been booking travel arrangements for me from the US to South America for years. I organize yoga trips in Patagonia, Chile and other countries and I refer all my people to Gilda because she gets the best flights at the best rates. Each year EVERYBODY thanks me profusely for introducing them to Gilda. She is able to navigate complicated travel plans that involve several cities and dates. And she is available at all hours to make sure everything is going smoothly. When my flights were cancelled due to weather this winter, she was on the phone with me and with people at the airport during the whole crazy time--at all hours-- to make sure I got new flights. She knows all the ins and outs of airline travel and she figured out which flights had spots and made sure we got them. Gilda is always ready to help and since she is fluent in English and Spanish, she is invaluable for working with airlines in Spanish speaking countries. She will work late in the office until she finds the perfect flights for us and makes sure we have time to get through Customs and to get to each flight. And it doesn't cost any more to use her services. I really can't say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Gilda. She's smart, nice, and really cares. I would recommend her to everyone.

And I mean every word! Thank you!!

Susan F.

Gilda just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the effort you put into my trip to Chile .The trip was fantastic ! What truly tops off a trip though is the people with whom you come into contact with during that time . I will happily recommend your services to anyone interested in making the journey south . Thank you again!

Steven G