G&G Travel and Tours is a small business that gives travelers the most personal and reliable service for their next vacation. We pride ourselves on the quality customer service and attention to detail. My goal is to make sure all our travelers have the smoothest travel planning experience to go explore any part of South America.

I, the owner, Gilda was born in Chile and ever since I moved to the United States, about 24 years ago, I have worked in the travel industry. I gained more knowledge about the industry than you can imagine. In 2006 I opened my travel agency, G&G Travel and Tours, and over the years I gained even more knowledge on the Patagonia and other destinations in South America that allow me to not only sell packages but also give my clients the smoothest trip to their destination. We make sure our passengers don’t go through the hassle of planning a trip since you can buy your flight tickets, package, and excursions all in one. We are experts in creating customized itineraries for individuals and groups in order to accommodate the interests of a diversified clientele.